In our experience, procurement is often seen as simply sourcing (or tendering) and most businesses miss out on the potential value. We see that value comes by designing a sourcing process correctly and managing the performance of the relationship with the successful contractor.

Bigger Minds specialises in IT procurement. We can help you understand your business requirements and then develop a process that meets your needs and doesn’t lock you into a sub-optimal solution. Bigger Minds has experience in successfully implementing both small and large technology solutions. We can help you implement your chosen solution without all the headaches.

Web Development

Bigger Minds can design and develop, as needed, a site that meets your business requirements. A bespoke approach using OEM software keeps costs to a minimum. Bigger Minds has experience in using Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. We chose the right platform that will support your needs and grow with you as your business grows.

Data Analysis and Visualisation

Bigger Minds can help you discover and unlock the value of information streams in your business. By understanding your business requirements, we create tools to help you visualise and manage the value of your information.

Design Thinking and Requirements Analysis

As part of the bespoke solution that Bigger Minds offers, we are able to review business processes and propose improvements. We understand that change can be hard and needs a systematic approach. By understanding your business, we are able to analyse and present requirements for solutions. We work collaboratively with our clients over the long-term to ensure that any changes are bedded down and that old processes do not revert over time.